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I am an old soul. Always have been and always will be. My friends would say I am a kind one soul as well. I cannot imagine my life without music. Books are as much a part of me as breathing.
slowly, then all at once


i envy people that come up with witty comebacks on the spot because i’m gonna need at least a 3 day notice 

Anonymous: Are you the real Taylor Swift?

I wish, dear Anon. Please feel free to read my bio though! :)

*gently places plate a freshly baked snicker doodles with giant mug of tea next to the complete box set of Law & Order:SVU and backs away slowly*

So my friends, we wait to catch a glimpse of the elusive Taylorus Swifti Americanus. Commonly known as Taylor Swift, this rare and exquisite creature is known for her long legs, impeccable sense of style, and her wonderful singing. Only coming out on the Internet sporadically, the Taylor Swift has been known to spread joy and love through words of encouragement and great sense of humor.

Now we must sit back and wait…

I light a candle for aformerweapon.


My thoughts exactly.

iPhone wallpapers of the new single, Shake It Off & album, 1989 artwork for Taylor Swift.

Ps- I made it, so personal use only please!!


the new single is “shake it off”

or as i like to call it “taylor swift don’t give a fuck about your shitty opinion”