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I am an old soul. Always have been and always will be. My friends would say I am a kind one soul as well. I cannot imagine my life without music. Books are as much a part of me as breathing.
slowly, then all at once


Dead leaves and the dirty ground… Autumn is here!

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OMG TaylorSwift! This combines the best of two things; cats and autumn. 

I am so ready for this new era to begin, you have no idea. RED era was/is important to me on so many levels. It got off to a rough start. My first boyfriend broke up with me on album release day. Your first’s will always be the hardest, I think. We met online on a dating site (that is a WHOLE ‘nother story) and began writing after discovering a mutual love of Taylor Swift. He was stationed in Afghanistan at the time, but was going to be finished with his military employment in the summer. Because he was originally from a town over 300 miles away from me, we decided that he was going to move to be closer to me as we got to know each other better. A week after he moved down, he broke things off. Most of our relationship was spent apart and I always wondered if I really loved HIM or the idea of him. The reason I am including all of this backstory is because it played a part in the way I listen to RED, as an album and as individual songs. The songs on RED have helped me cope with my first break-up, my brother’s breakdown and mine as well. It is so hard to see a loved one suffer, especially when you can’t help. Looking back on it, there was a lot of self-destructive behavior going on for me and my brother. His suicide attempts and stints at the mental ward were tough on my whole family. I did not deal with it in the best way. I ended up hurting myself physically and isolating myself rather than talking about it.   

Without realizing it, RED was there for me when I didn’t have anyone else. Over time, things have gotten better. I was able to dance to 22 on my 22nd birthday, feeling happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. I cried over All Too Well because it felt like she wrote it for me and I grew to love Holy Ground. This album will always hold a special place in my heart. There are so many memories wrapped up in it. Some better than others. It has managed to capture all the sadness, heartbreak and happy little moments in my own life in the past two years. 

So, thank you taylorswift. Thanks for RED and helping me get through the past two years. Let’s hope that 1989 kicks everything else to the curb! 


I think we’re gonna need this



Oh Becky…you should have gone to rehab…


*gently places plate a freshly baked snicker doodles with giant mug of tea next to the complete box set of Law & Order:SVU and backs away slowly*

So my friends, we wait to catch a glimpse of the elusive Taylorus Swifti Americanus. Commonly known as Taylor Swift, this rare and exquisite creature is known for her long legs, impeccable sense of style, and her wonderful singing. Only coming out on the Internet sporadically, the Taylor Swift has been known to spread joy and love through words of encouragement and great sense of humor.

Now we must sit back and wait…

just gonna leave this here…. taylorswift ;)



so were all really really excited about the release of Taylors 5th album 1989 (like really excited) and to celebrate im going to be giving away a few copies of the album when its released! (please excuse my attempt at a graphic)

There are going to be 5 winners total chosen at random


package includes the album and one of the two shirts that you can choose from. shirt ships right away and the album ships on release :)

if you’re from the US then i will ship it straight to you from the website, if international then i apologize but it will take a little bit longer to get to you because i have to ship it to myself first then to you


there are a few options here, you can either get a digital copy of the standard version of 1989 gifted to you as soon as its released on itunes or whatever format you use, or you can get a deluxe physical copy but i wont be able to ship it until the day of release

if international then it has to be the deluxe physical copy because I can not gift things on itunes internationally


  • just reblog this post, you can reblog as much as you want, but i wont count likes and NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS PLEASE!
  • Winners will be chosen randomly
  • i will ship internationally, see above for details 
  • you do have to give me your address so i can ship it to you :)
  • I’m going to order the merch packages in two weeks on October 2nd and the winners of those will be contacted, the 2nd prize winners will have an extra week to reblog and will be chosen October 9th
  • Finally, you do have to be following me to win :)



i envy people that come up with witty comebacks on the spot because i’m gonna need at least a 3 day notice